A Partnership of Church & Community Schools

John Sharpe (HR Lead)

I have run my own building and project management company for the last 13 years, having spent 12 years prior to that working in the Financial Services Sector. In doing so I have built up considerable lay knowledge of legal processes, recruitment and management of staff, as well as the setting of goals and work priorities. As a governor at Badger Hill School for over 2 years I am heavily involved in the governing processes at the school. I am currently the Vice Chair of governors, and chair our School Development Committee, and sit on the Finance and staffing committee. As a churchgoer, and former church warden in York I am familiar with the workings of the church, and the York diocese. In addition I see myself as an impartial interlocutor between those of faith and of none. This should prove very useful in many ways for our proposed MAT, given the mix of community and faith schools which will comprise it. I did study for a teaching qualification recently and while, for personal reasons, I was not able to complete the course, I did have time to gain valuable exposure to pedagogical practice and theory, and I understand personally the challenges and opportunities for schools and pupils.

I am absolutely committed to the idea that education (in all its forms), is at the heart of our future as a society and to our children as individuals. I have two children of my own, 9 and 11 years old, and I can see the joy and fulfilment they get from their education at an excellent school, as well as from their church life and many extra-curricular activities. I grew up in a teaching family as well and I have a profound insight into what education is and what it is for. I have been involved to varying extents with recruitment in several of the positions noted above, notably in running my own business and as a Governor at Badger Hill. Finally I would also describe myself as a seeker after robust but honest consensus in my dealings with people in all walks of life, which will be crucial in the many challenges which are bound to emerge in the life of this MAT. This is a very exciting project, in an exciting city for education, and I very much want to contribute to its success.