A Partnership of Church & Community Schools

Head Teachers Group

Archbishop Holgate's, Badger Hill, Hempland and Heworth, are delighted to be the founder members of the Pathfinder Multi-Academy Trust.

Our Heads group meets every week with the aim to improve the education and care for all of our children and school communities.

We have no hierarchy – we come as equals.

This is where much of the key decision making that impacts on schools begins.

The Headteacher of any school that joins the MAT will join the Headteacher’s Group


Meet the Headteachers


Andrew Daly, Headteacher Archbishop’s School

"At the heart of this decision is our shared commitment to ensuring that all the young people in our care, from nursery to sixth form, continue to have the very best possible education.

"As a group of schools with a proven track record of embracing change and developing effective partnerships, the multi academy trust will provide the best opportunities to ensure that the schools continue to deliver an excellent education for as many families as possible

Andrea Hall, Headteacher Badger Hill Primary School

“We are incredibly excited about forming the MAT and working together to provide the best education for all of our pupils.

Andy Herbert, Headteacher Clifton With Rawcliffe Primary School

“We are delighted and excited to be part of this MAT. Our shared vision and values and the strong partnership between all the schools will have a positive impact on teaching and learning. We are thrilled to belong to this family of schools which puts children first and ensures we are all learning and growing together”.

Stuart Outram, Headteacher Hempland Primary School

“All the schools in the new partnership, have a shared vision which is underpinned by a commitment to values, care and achievement and a core purpose of ensuring that all children in our local area go to a good or better school.”

Michael Carr, Headteacher Heworth CE Primary School

"This is a fantastic opportunity to work in a more formalised partnership and to share our strengths with great schools. I look forward to seeing the benefits that it will bring our children."

Helen Coles, Headteacher St Lawrence's VA CofE Primary School

St Lawrence’s CE Primary School is a diverse, vibrant community with big ambitions. Our dedicated and committed staff firmly believe that the children in our care deserve to learn lots and laugh lots! We have high aspirations and want children to feel that they can achieve anything with support, guidance and teachers who know that they can reach for the stars! Everything we do is underpinned by our Christian values and a sense of belonging within our community. We work closely with parents, carers and other schools to ensure that our children reach their full potential.

Catherine Precious, Headteacher Tang Hall Primary School

Tang hall is a school at the very centre of it's community. Together, parents governors and staff work alongside one another, promoting an ethos of challenge and securing good outcomes for the children; always the focus of the team.

Smiling and enthusiastic children and adults fill the school and a sense of pride in all that is, and can be, achieved is evident. We know, nurture and grow our children in an inspiring environment, giving them wings to fly to positive futures; every one.